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The 3-in-1 Solution
Form-A-Drain is the most innovative foundation footing system on the market today. But it does much more than simply facilitate efficient construction of a homes foundation though it does so remarkably well. It is also a multi-function, 3-in-1 solution to the vexing problems of basement moisture and radon infiltration.

An Evolution in Footing Construction,
Drainage, and Radon Reduc

CertainTeed designed and developed FORM-A-DRAIN, a patented combination footing form system, foundation drainage system, and radon reduction system for residential basement applications.

The system consists of lineal sections installed as the foundation footing forms. Upon completion of the concrete pour, the system stays permanently in place and performs the function of a foundation drainage system.

It is also an effective method of reducing radon, since it is a sub-slab perimeter system that forms a complete loop around the foundation.

FORM-A-DRAIN is the subject of BOCA Research Report #95-37, renewed annually.



System Components
Form-A-Drain lineals are manufactured from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material using high content of recycled materials.

Available in:

convenient 12-foot lengths
four full dimensional sizes: 4", 6", 8" and 10"
all sizes are 2-1/4" wide.
each 12-foot lineal is light-weight for ease of transportation, handling, and joining.

Accessories are available, including couplings, corners, drainage outlets, Ts, and vertical angle pieces. Grade stakes can be left in place; they do not have to be pulled. Spacer straps are available in various widths to ensure proper footing width. All fittings and accessory items are made to precise CertainTeed product specifications. Fittings are manufactured for easy assembly without mechanical or solvent fastening. Lineals can be cut easily with a hand or power saw to exact lengths required.

Filter Fabric
Outlet Fitting

Grade Stake
Spacer Strap




End Results
FORM-A-DRAIN forms precise foundation footings, with an ideally located foundation drainage system above the bottom of the footing and below the foundation wall. The system allows for simple adaptation to function as an effective means for radon reduction since it forms a complete loop around the foundation.

Eliminate the need, cost, and time of going back to the jobsite to remove, strip, clean, and transport forms for reuse. Join the evolution in advanced footing construction; never go back to obsolete methods.


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